A trip to City Business Library gets you a free membership card and access to fab startup materials from home and lots more

wendy foster networking afterThanks so much to Librarian Wendy Foster for coming over this week to tell us about the incredible range of up to date materials and resources for businesses at the City Business Library.  

What stood out from Wendy’s presentation is the range of resources to cover practically any business requirement.  There are several vast databases that are actually quite easy to use and find out information.

It’s vital for start-ups and businesses to do research and this library is set up to make this very easy for you – what businesses are working in your area in the same field? … see their Linked In profiles…. what is their turnover… take a look at their websites…. Would they be a good collaborator?   Or is there a lot of competition? Do you need to find another locality to work in? Or tweak your product/service a bit?  Get a list of companies/schools/shops/traders/therapists/plumbers/whatever you need and download the Wendy foster groupcontact list on a usb stick, email to yourself or print it off..

The Complete Business Reference Advisor (COBRA) database is accessible from home once you  have registered at the library with lots of start-up business fact sheets and information.  All the information is factual and up to date.  You can trust this Library.  You  also have access to a vast range of newspapers, periodicals etc!

Say no more.  All start-ups and businesses need to get there!  I’ll be visiting soon.  It’s open weekday office hours only with later opening on Wednesdays.  5 mins from Bank station.

Thanks so much  Wendy!

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