The wonderful City Business Library comes to Sophia Hubs Seven Kings on Tuesday

logo-city-of-londonWe are delighted that the City Business Library Librarian Wendy Foster is coming to the enterprise club on Tuesday, 28th April at 12.45.

The library has an incredible amount of resources for start-up businesses and it’s free to join. You can do your business research including free online (therefore from home) access to all sorts of journals and newspapers.  You can of course go and check out all the companies who are working in the same field (lots to learn there!) and you can easily set up mailing lists for businesses you want to be in contact with, and loads more.

There are also regular excellent workshops, usually costing a fiver. Wendy Foster mug shot

Quite a few of you are already members, for those of you that are not, you must come along to this, meet Wendy and find out how she and the Library can help you.

As usual we start at 12.45, with the speaker/conversation/questions lasting until about 1.45/2.00 and then networking, deals, working on your business.

Please will all startups wishing to attend COMPLETE THIS FORM to say what help you are currently wanting from the enterprise club. Thanks!

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