Philosophical discussion on economics at Sophia Hubs – taking back ownership

Not the usual business conversation perhaps... but at Sophia Hubs we are piloting new ways to support start-ups including thinking outside the box and going a bit deeper into values and philosophical discussions!

This session led by Clive Sheldon, Director, looked at the concept of sacred economics devised by Charles Eisenstein.  The session was attended by people in business, start-ups, mentors and residents interested in the topic.

economy etymologyAfter an hours discussion, the group agreed that we can take back economics, and have influence in our borough and beyond.  Economics means house + management and there were different views on what the house means from the Planet down to managing my business to bring income to the family. There was agreement that it is difficult to relate to £billions but understandable when relating to how we manage our ‘house’.  

Definitions of sacred economics from the group:  sustainable, equitable, ethical, sacrifice, solidarity, stewardship, common good, environmental management, consolidate, conservation, survival.

Start-up Lynette’s comment – “the thinking at Sophia Hubs is getting much deeper and more thoughtful. This is a good thing for the enterprise club”

Resident Ruth’s comment – “The whole event from Aidan’s home made bread and the food contributions, through to the diverse group of people and the business experience, made Clive photo sacred economicsthis a very enjoyable event.”

Established freelance trainer Meenakshi’s comment “It was very interesting!”

Watch this space because we are planning to hold borough wide conversations and discussions on business and community topics.  Interested, have ideas etc, please make contact.



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