Surjit Nandra yoga teacher’s learning at Tahir’s SWOT session for start-ups at enterprise club

Surjit yoga posterAt the enterprise club this week Tahir Mehmud led a session on  SWOT anaylsis for start-ups. Surjit Nandra is a yoga start-up and attended.   Here’s what she says about it…

For me, today’s session was all about ‘put your money where your mouth is’!  I was forced to think about my business and myself more seriously than I have been doing recently.  Writing anything down is difficult at times, (maybe we are all just afraid to see reality in black and white!). Doing the SWOT analysis, (with some help from Ros) gave me greater insight as to what I have (strengths), what I need to do to promote my business as well as think about the direction I want to go in.  I am passionate about yoga and it’s amazing (this adjective is used too liberally these days, but yoga really is!) health benefits. 

Tahir’s presentation allowed us to see clearly what we needed to do in the SWOT analysis.  He also surjit  mug shotadvised us to complete an online form for Sophia Hubs so that they were in a better position to give us advice/help/resources that we may need.  All in all, an extremely valuable session. Thank you Sophia Hubs.

Ros’s note:  In our conversations it emerged that Surjit’s yoga is different to many others as she concentrates on the physical exercises and not the spiritual side.  She is deeply passionate about sharing her experience and skills to help with physical and mental well being.  We thought that her USP and therefore her marketing would be physical yoga practise for those uncomfortable with the spiritual aspects in most yoga classes.  This has give her some clarity and she has set a goal to do face-to-face outreach to specific identified groups.  I attend Surjit’s Monday evening class.  Here’s her poster and contact details 

Tahirs session SWOT

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