Seven Kings Timebank helps Ruth with Twitter this week. Can it help a business man with reading?

A bit of a news update 🙂twitter

  • Exchanges are taking place now between the 68 members and Ruth had an hour’s Twitter lesson this week and made her first tweet! @ruthmusgrave.
  • Timebank hours traded in March was 52. 
  • We need more members!  200 is the magic number whereby the Timebank should have a rich life of its own.  Our aim is of course hundreds more people than that!
  • We’ve had a call from a self employed business man who does deliveries and has a lot of difficulty reading the clients name and address on the delivery notes.  He would need someone with experience of teaching.  It’s  not just reading practice at this stage but help learning to read.  If anyone knows of other schemes where he can get help, please let us know
  • Timebank skills swap 24 April 2015We have our 4th community skills swap next week.  Friday 24th April 11-1.30, with sessions running 11.15-12.15 and 12.30-1.30.  They are fun.  See the flyer and what’s on offer and book yourself in by emailing or Ros or ring 07707 460309


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