SWOT review of your start-up with Tahir Mahmud on Tuesday

At our enterprise/start-up club on Tuesday we will be helping you to review your businesses’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths, a SWOT analysis.

Tahir Mahmud is one of our current informal mentors who is keen to input his skills into SWOTsupporting start-up businesses.  He is also helping us to do a SWOT of the enterprise club.  One of the weaknesses we have identified (that also becomes an opportunity) is that the mentors do not have clarity about what the specific support needs are for the start-ups that attend.

So as part of our own development, we are introducing a form start-ups will need to complete regularly to identify and let us know what the support needs are.  The two benefits are that support at the club can be tailored and also that we can measure the impact we are having.

Come along for a prompt start at 12.45 and be prepared to do some serious thinking and planning!

Tuesday 14th April, in St John’s Church lounge area.


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