What help do you need from Sophia Hubs Enterprise club?

karen leighton activity shot with muhammadWe are having some fab volunteer support at the moment at enterprise club!  New kid on the bloc is Tahir Mahmud who is keen to help us build in more structure and clearer processes at the weekly enterprise club.  Great!  Been looking for this support for a long time!

That’s what Sophia Hubs is about.  Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom and our aim is to use the wisdom, skills and experience in Redbridge to find all our solutions. And to help generate and support entrepreneurial ideas and businesses along the way.

Tahir suggests that:

  • Start-ups clarify what specific help they need at a particular point
  • Sophia Hubs develops a simple online form for start-ups to register the specific help they need at the moment
  • enterprise club topics are tailored to the identified needs
  • informal enterprise club mentoring and group-work is matched up and works to resolve the identified need
  • We measure and evaluate the development of start-ups and the support given

Tahir has developed a form.  Please would you complete it and he or I or a volunteer/mentor will be in touch with you.  To put your learning request on the Enterprise Club request form, click here.




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