Successful Timebank workshop by start-up Maggie on EFT

EFT workshop march 2015Maggie Sansom of Wellspring Therapies is wanting to set up group support sessions in Redbridge, her patch.  She is a start-up business as an alternative therapist in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

She has set up a MEET UP on Mondays at 1pm for people experiencing chronic pain.  It’s called ‘Exploring the mind/body connection’ and takes place in the Forest Therapy Centre in South Woodford.

Today on the Timebank she offered a free introduction to EFT that was well attended and very engaging.  Maggie thinks that the more she puts herself ‘out there’, the more quickly the message will spread that there is help available for problems that seem entrenched.  She wants to build up her business and get plenty of customers, but more than that she is passionate about well being in the community.

To see Maggie’s Linked In profile

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