Sophia Course ends – look out for new and improved community projects!

course final photo March 2015Thanks so much to 11 fantastic participants who attended the Sophia Course in March.  The course gave time and importance to deep stuff like our values and drew on the wealth of personal experiences, beliefs and faiths within the group. The process was based on participation where we trusted each other to help create, tweak and develop ideas.   So symbolism fitted in well.  Here we are holding the small pea seedling, representing Xavier’s idea.  We planted the peas in the first week and they were taken home, watered and looked after by Diksha!

So it’s a bit of an unusual and rather special course.  The 11 participants all felt that it was well worth their while and want us to work out how to provide follow-up support and for them to meet each other again and other Sophia course ‘graduates’.  We will be tracking how the ideas (seedlings) develop (with the help of Tahir, a course member).  Some of the events we hope will happen as a result of this course – more blue plaques in Redbridge, a new neighbourhood watch drawing in older people,  wild art experiences for children, tables and chairs and board games on street corners, an expanding complementary therapy start-up, a new wildlife group, yoga for sick people, an expanding beautician business with a very big heart, a music event with community spirit at its heart, a photography project that helps community responsibility, a new childminding start-up….

Have a look at the participants evaluation of how far we achieved the course objectives.

flip course evaluation of objectives

and of our course objectives for the process

flip course evaluation of process

To read about some of the outcomes of this course see what 3 people have carried out since the course: Yvonne’s activity on Dagenham street corner, Sam’s art work and project in Wanstead and Peter’s environmental project in Ilford.

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