Aceil says startups to follow and share discussions on Twitter and Facebook

Aceil pointing to screenHad a very helpful session this week with Aceil Haddad giving up a couple of hours of her time and expertise to help start-ups.   For info on Aceil see an earlier entry.  She works in PR and is well known in the borough for community involvement and very active in social media.

Aceil shared with us how she manages being very active locally in politics and also keeping open the trust with people from other political standpoints,  Very interesting!

Some of what we covered in a packed 1.5 hours…

  • what’s your story/a quick pitch practice
  • Boundaries of your professional interests and politics with your work reputation (OK to be an active Conservative party member but remember that you want the trust of everyone)
  • The benefits of Linked In for some types of business, how it works and tips.
  • The benefits of keeping tapped in to Twitter and Facebook activity in your field so that you can pass on.

Aceil pairsAceil’s main message was that for most of the businesses there it is important to pass on to your followers on Twitter and Facebook what is happening  in  your field so that you become an important resource for people.

Aceil is willing to come back soon and just do a practical session.  Offer has been accepted!

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