Timebank Manager’s blog on last skills swap

Richard on EbayBlog from Stephanie Mugo, Timebank Manager 🙂

We had our 3rd Timebank Community Skill Swap event at Flirt Cafe on the 5.03.15 and it was amazing. What a turnout and atmosphere!

creative writing with SamThis time I joined in activities for both sessions.  As I was coming back down the stairs at the end, it was amazing to see how everyone was so engrossed in each session they signed up for. Very interesting sessions took place such as Stress management with Usha, how to create a mobile website with Karen, Karen leighton actioncreative writing with Sam, how to buy and sell on ebay with Richard, how to use twitter with Dee, meditation and Reiki healing with Fiona and myself, and plastic bag crochet. We also had great treats as Muhammad was there to give marketing advice for businesses, Olive was there for her compliments session, and Amita did eye brow threading.

Everyone kept on saying how the atmosphere was so good. how everyone was so friendly, and therefore how socializing was really at the heart of the night. This said a lot of learning has taken place and one of the comments on the feedback forms we received was “The sessions were informative and interesting”.  Some other comments include “Very helpful, delightful, gives us a chance to learn from one an other.”. “Keep it up. Good spirit”. “Fantastic- Natural. Reconnecting to one’s natural state of being”. “This is the way to improve our quality of life now!“.

Some peopleDee on Twitter could not make it this time, do not worry we are already working on the next one.  It is really heart warming to see that you are all so keen to participate to the Timebank so actively. This is what is going to keep it going.  We really need you all to keep on trading and to make sure to register the payments on the site so that we can show evidence of the “Hour” currency circulating. www.sophiahubs.com/sevenkingstimebank

See you all at the next one on Friday 1th April 11-1.30.  Let’s keep on bringing our community tighter together and help it get richer and reacher (spelling mistake intended :)).

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