Got 2 more sessions to make these amazing plans achievable

2nd session group 1Sophia Course update….

This week, 2 of 4 sessions, the aims were to develop (or build on) a project/business idea and to build up resources, connections and networks.

2nd session group 2Maggie came with a clear idea of a therapeutic clinic attached to GP practices for chronic pain management.  She’s on the course to get ideas, support and connections.

Xavier is developing a green energy efficiency device.  He’s on the course to help embed himself and his project in the community and find people to collaborate with.  At the end of the session he said “I feel like something amazing is going to happen from this course! I can feel it!”

Yvonne is very involved in community things runs various knitting groups.  She is exploring Ideas Maggies groupmany ideas including setting up a micro arts business – she spent a bit of time writing some her reflections from today’s session:

Our group’s aim today was to share ideas that will improve our neighbourhoods.  We are all members of diverse groups of people whose paths, we discovered, cross over.  We want to make a difference around us – a cultural revolution in our time, in our backyard.  There are a vast amount of skills and agencies we can tap into for help.  This is a fantastic way to start the spring!Ideas Pauls group

So the challenge is that we have only 2 more sessions to make these new ideas realistic and to make sure that those with clear business ideas leave with clear plans and useful tools and resources. The list drawn up today of Redbridge resources (group 1 and group 2) was a great start and will be added to in the next 2 weeks.

Watch this space!



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