Bill the eco decorator shows off his new business card!

Bill and business card with aidan and cliveBill has been working to setup a ‘green’ painting and decorating business over the past few months at the enterprise club.  Start-up Stephanie has produced his first business card which he was able to proudly show us all today!  Here he is with two Sophia Hubs Directors Clive and Aidan.

bills business card frontbills business card back




Bill is setting up as a painter/decorator with a USP of working environmentally using re-used paint from Recycles Ilford which will also cut costs for customers.  He has had a lifetime’s experience in construction as an employee but he is now going to work for himself.  He knows how to make and fit solar panels and has been exploring with our green business volunteer Jenny Coverdale about various aspects of ‘ecovating’ homesbill jenny and ecobookThey attended the Ecobuild exhibition at the Excel Centre last week to add to Bill’s considerable knowledge on environmental issues and solutions.

At the enterprise club today we looked at the business canvas model and we used Bill’s start-up business as an example.  If you want to be one of Bill’s first customers ring on 0756 554 5714

Bills business canvas on floor

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