Marketing plan is more about ACTION than WORDS says Muhammad

Muhammad powerpoint marketing 1Thanks to Muhammad for leading the enterprise club this week.  The outcome?  Having a clear plan for knowing who your customer is and how they will find you is pretty crucial!

Questions asked of the 12 start-ups – who is your customer?  how will they find youMuhammed whole group

Muhammad powerpoint marketing 2This week everyone was put on the spot to answer these questions and support was given from Muhammed and Aidan (next weeks speaker) and each other to get more clarity and planning on this.

Muhammeds powerpoint is available Muhammad powerpoint marketing 3here.

Whilst Muhammed ( and most others!) think a marketing plan is essential,  in the end it’s about action.  And having a relationship with your customers.

Muhammad is willing to meet with Sophia Hubs start-ups to help you with your plan if you firstly write a one page plan to start from. 🙂






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