Hoping that all start-ups will use the business canvas model

ent club Aidan - lynette and surjitNext Tuesday’s enterprise club is another look at the business canvas model and will involve sleeves-rolled-up work on your business.  Aidan Ward (a Sophia Hubs Director and known to many of you) is leading this session.  Although there are plenty of business models we think the business canvas is the simplest, most useful and most adapted to start-ups.

Hoping that with this follow-up session that ent club Aidan - bill and jitendrawe can all ‘get’ it and then we can incorporate it into each enterprise club: start-ups can report back each week and set goals next weeks goal using their own business canvas.

This will be an invaluable session and quite possibly Aidan will bring some home-made bread.

Tuesday 10th March. Arrivals 12.30.  Session starts promptly at 12.45 will run for an hour and you can stay until 2.30 or later.


It doesn’t look much but it is extremely adaptable for a new business and actually covers everything you need to be doing.

ent club aidan - business canvas

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