Sophia course and 13 participants off to a great start

sophia course march 15 session 1 round tableFirst session of the Sophia course got off to a great start.  The aim of the course is to develop ideas for community businesses/projects and to give clarity about the ways forward.  Thirteen diverse people made it a great session in participating and pooling their wisdom.

Community spirit experiences (our starting point)- neighbours sharing childcare… Scouts trip to older people’s home… support after the death of wife… welcome and encouragement to join a social group… online community of support for an ill friend… pitching in to help a service go ahead when the van broke down…

We explored our values and the deep stuff that we bring from our faith, culture and family.  sophia course march 15 session 1 sams group pictureThis is what we want to draw on and work within in the businesses and projects we develop.

And a rich conversation and then some art work to look at what we think things are like in the area – a bit of a snapshot.

Looking forward to taking this journey forward and the seed of an idea growing.  🙂

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