From starting up to good business management

We are delighted to welcome Robert Jackson as speaker at the afternoon enterprise club Ian chambers listening intently jit, beg, els LOWnext Tuesday 24th February.

Robert is an accountant who set up and runs the well established accountancy practice R L Jackson in Ilford and covering the East London area.

Arrivals from 12.30 and we will start promptly at 12.45.  Robert will run the session informally with questions as we go along.  Robert asks that you ask any question you want to however silly you think it may sound, as the person next to you is probably wondering the same thing!  He knows all about the messes that businesses can get in to and would love to prevent you making mistakes and a rod for your own back.

“From starting up on the first day through to good business management with all your receipts and records in order….”

The session will need to run for an hour to cover the basics and Robert is willing to come back to do part 2 if you would like.

Afterwards perhaps the networking and follow-up work should be all about the money side and paper side of your business?  Get as many tips as you can, maybe you could be honest about the things you are  not doing well and other start-ups or people in business can offer you help.

Robert is Treasurer for the Redbridge Chamber of Commerce and is on the board of Training for Transition which is a Redbridge charity that also trades in horticultural services offered by people with learning disabilities.

RLJackson image



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