£1 customer valued as high as £300 one says Barry

Barry and Des talkingHad another very lively session this week with businesses and start-ups helping each other out.

Thanks to Barry Atkins who has just closed down his greengrocer delivery round in Redbridge after 50 years.  He offered loads of tips and stayed for couple of hours.

As always the start-ups and businesses that came along were varied and very different to the the speakers’ but so  much to learn and share.  🙂

Keeping costs down – Barry bought a van rather than a shop.  He would have needBarry - Bill and Des talkinged a van anyway, so why not use that as the business centre.

Looking for niches – Barry later had a side line business of buying out-of-date food and other products (sell by date, not use by date) and then sold them to poorer neighbourhoods in Dagenham.

Valuing your customers – Barry gave as much respect and reliability to the customers spending £1 and a pub that bought food/veg/products at £300 a time.Barry talking part group best

Valuing family relationships – never risk your marriage or relationships for your business.

Des came along to find out if he could pick the round and lots more very useful networking and advice took place as usual.

Trying to include a video here but still having trouble working it out.  Help anyone?

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