Greengrocer round business offer and all about hard graft

fruit and vegPleased to welcome Barry Atkins as speaker at our Enterprise club this Tuesday – 10th Feb.  12.30 for 12.45 start…. until 2ish.

Barry Atkins set up his greengrocer round from scratch and was the last greengrocer in Redbridge using a horse and cart!! (The photo is not his).  He has just closed it down as he has too much else to do as a landlord, renting out workshops, keeping horses, classic cars etc.

There was not anyone to pass on his contacts to, so there are customers in Redbridge who horse and cartare missing their reliable, personal service of weekly fruit and veg deliveries.  Barry is willing to pass on details of these customers if someone trustworthy wants to re-start a greengrocer delivery service. 🙂

Barry’s tips for setting up and running businesses –

Number 1 – be reliable…  do as much as you can  yourself so you don’t have to rely on others, determination, hard graft, networking.  And despite the fact that we talk a lot about the value of social media, Barry will be speaking about the ways you no computerscan run a business without a computer at all!  🙂

Come and hear tales and tips from Barry.  He has loads to share and willing to give up some time now that he has a little bit spare!


Ros Southern, Coordinator, Sophia Hubs Seven Kings
M: 07707 460309 T: 0208 590 2568
T: @sophiahubs7k FB: Sophia Hubs Seven Kings  blog:

c/o St Johns Church, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB

Ros photo

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