Advice to start-ups to start with what you can do

Karen Leighton pairs talkingThanks so much to Karen Leighton for leading us in a hands-on and practical session.

Karen runs a few micro businesses online and is passionate about encouraging that entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude.

Her advice, alongside lots of help with facebook and a proposal about mobile website portal was…

Just do it.  Start with what you can. Try it out.  Work out if you want to do it as main income, part-time income or supplementary hobby income.  You must always watch your figures but best to start very small and build up as and when you have the money/income/sales to do so.  You must get out there and network.  Also if you want cheap services such as websites, facebook pages, logos etc try – it only costs $5 and it can get you started and you can change it later.

karen leighton whole group shot bestkaren leighton activity shot with muhammad

Start ups that attended today: Rashida, Stephanie, Lynette, Elaine, William, Jitendra with the help and support of Begonia, Muhammed and Clive.  There’s room for more!

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