Karen Leighton to speak on networking and mobile websites

Karen Leighton mug shotOur speaker at the enterprise club this coming Tuesday, 3rd February,  is entrepreneur Karen Leighton.  Karen attended the club last week and loved it!  Karen was born and bred locally, relocated to Southampton for 10 years, but is now back.

12.30- for 12.45 start.  Stay until 2 or 2.30.

Karen has run her own businesses for many years, starting off with a kids gym club locally for 10 years.  She now runs a few small companies, which are all online services.  She runs an online fitness system for kids for schools, clubs etc.  She set up and manages MakeMyBizMobile.com that creates simple business websites suited to a mobile phone, which is how most websites are now accessed.

Karen says:  business experience needs to be shared with everyone and not hidden.  What you give out you get back in life, including in business.

Karen will be sharing her business experience, including the need to network and collaborate.  She will be sharing her knowledge on the importance of websites adapted for mobile phone use.  She is a community orientated person who is passionate about learning from others, sharing, and networking.

As always this is a participatory, networking session and so the speakers kick off our discussions but the important work is done in the networking plus hands-on work you can help each other with.  Bring your laptops, tablets, phones etc!  Karen will be on hand for informal advice/support as well as Muhammed Nasir, Begonia Belmonte and hopefully others.

Venue: St Johns Church lobby, St Johns Road, Seven Kings, IG2 7BB.  No parking restrictions after midday.

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