Business hub coming to Redbridge!

network event ilford library 29 janThere was an excellent business networking event last night at Ilford Library – 29th January.  It was organised by Enterprise Exchange.  Enterprise Exchange is a business hub initiative providing opportunities to help you start-up and grow your own enterprise in Redbridge. It was facilitated by Mark Kass of the fab Barking Enterprise Centre , as an example of what has been achieved in a neighbouring borough.

20 people attended who are either in a small business or a start-up or thinking of it.  We were delighted to hear that Jane Leighton (Vision) and Liz Gardner (Work Redbridge) have procured funding for 9 months later this year to use the libraries (mainly Central Library) for a Redbridge business hub.  🙂 They were the leaders of the pilot pop up Enterprise Exchange in Ilford Exchange in October in which Sophia Hubs was a partner. We held our enterprise clubs there.  This pilot has identified that there is interest in a business hub and paved the way for this next stage. 🙂

Make sure you get on the mailing list to keep

Two events coming up are: 18.2.15 a training session by Nat West on running a business and 21.4.15 a self employment and start-up fair.  Email Enterprise Exchange for more info.

Glad that some of those that attended are coming over to the enterprise club on Tuesday!

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