Timebank community event draws a crowd

Vics table go round low resCorine convo low ressam and richard massage

The Timebank’s 2nd community skills swap event on Saturday morning on 24th January drew in a crowd! Flirt cafe was a wonderful venue again.

Here’s some interesting facts!

  • 26 people joined in of all shapes, sizes, ages and cultures.
  • All trades took place in the Timebank currency of hours
  • Skills/help offered: Twitter, creative writing, French and Spanish conversation, Linux, Facebook, shoulder massage, Indian Head massage, emotional freedom techniques (eft), consumer advice, marketing advice and free compliments!
  • The Timebank made a profit of 12 hours!!
  • 18 people that attended were start-ups or local small traderswhole room low res

It was buzzing morning, a great boost for Ludmila who runs the cafe, and people shared skills and learned amazing new ones. People also dropped in who were not yet registered with the Timebank and found it so interesting that they registered there and then.

The community members who earned an hour’s credit by sharing their skills at this event were: Taira Khan, Vic Norman, Ros Southern, Corine Downey-Lamoureux, Begonia Belmonte, Rakesh Rootsman Rak, Sam Cowan, Maggie Sansom, Abdurahman, Muhammad Nasir, Linda Pearce, Olive Hamilton Andrews.

Thanks to the volunteer Timebank team, and especially Timebank manager Stephanie Mugo, for all the hard work to set up this great community building event.  🙂Linux low res

For more information and to register on the Timebank:

W: sophiahubs.com/sevenkingstimebank/  E: sevenkingstimebank@sophiahubs.com M: 07707 460309  T:@7Kingstb, @SophiaHubs7K


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