Start small folks and constantly review, but business plan not necessary!

Begonia JanuaryOur speaker this week was Begonia Belmonte of Planet Falafel and…

Stephanie, Lynette, Xavier, Karen, Jitendra and Bill who are all trading or setting up in business, plus Karen, Muhammed, Begonia and Clive as people offering expertise.  Actually, as always, the networking and support was as useful to the experts as it was to the start-ups!

Begonia, as speaker, shared how she set up her catering business and some of the things she has learned along the way.

The things that came up in this session were:

  • Really folks, just get doing stuff.  Don’t wait for your business plan – you only need this is you are applying for a loan anyway – but get out and trade.
  • Start small and build up.
  • Constantly monitor, and have processes to review how you are doing.

Begonia had to start earning an income….. she likes cooking and saw a new market being set Begonia ent club jan groupup… decided she would give catering a go, got the H & S qualification, bought a few pots and pans, took a cheap stall (only £30 in those days) and started. She built up gradually.  The market has expanded considerably and stalls are now over £200, but she is now big enough to make her main income from this.

She is looking to expand now and Karen thought she should get a mobile van. Begonia had not thought of this and is keen to explore it!  So the speaker gets a very good tip!

We also were treated to Jitendra showing us his LED lights and invention and there was a lively round of questions and feedback to Jitendra.

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