Running a business when you’re very shy! Enterprise club on Tuesday

Begonias salad boxThanks to Begonia Belmonte of Planet Falafel who will be our speaker this week.  She runs a vegetarian catering business and a weekly stall at Sunday Upmarket in Brick Lane.  She is also starting up a furniture upcycling project and designed her new website last week at the enterprise club.  (Will try to get the link)

Because she’s shy she will just share a few experiences informally (can’t put too much pressure on her with that title!) but she knows loads and has had to learn techniques to be confident,  get organised, use social media etc..

We will again work in twos/small groups to get some stuff done.  So please bring laptops, tablets etc.  We can supply some too.

Begonia has come along to the enterprise club for the last few weeks to see if she can be of help being an informal mentor.  So she will be on hand with Muhammed, Clive and possibly Aidan and Elaine to help you. And there’s plenty of help in the group.

If Aidan comes, we’ll use the business canvas model to review your progress this week and your plan for next week!

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