Vic Norman converts everyone to social media at enterprise club this week

Vic session 6.1.15 vic standingWe had another great session at the enterprise club this week (Tuesday 6th January).  Big personality Vic Norman took us way beyond closing time and provided cast iron proof that start-ups need two way engagement with their customers and MUST at the very least have active facebook pages and twitter accounts. 

Vic lectures on business and social media at the Redbridge Institute and runs a few businesses entirely online including London Pub Tours.   All pub tours publicity is done through this facebook open group.

With Vic’s lively and engaging manner and expertise we were bursting with questions and had the opportunity for practical help and advice.


(a) to run regular guest blogs (b) to continually make back links to start-up website/blogs to  Vic group 6.1.15help their google search success (c) get all the start-ups to make links to each other’s websites/facebook etc and to Sophia Hubs  (d) to get help in making html banners so that we can all send these to each other to make things easier.

So start-ups – please send me your blogs on any news/learning and start helping each other out with promotion.
Thanks to Manzoor (one of our speakers and caterer for our anniversary event) for his guest blog on his social enterprises first anniversary.

And the very good news is that Vic will be running a twitter training session for one hour at the Timebank community skills swap event on Saturday 24th January.

And the other good news is that Simon Jawahall has responded to my call-out for experts/mentors and is going to help run a hands-on practical social media session and skills share on Tuesday 20th January and he is currently setting up a portal for Redbridge start-ups.  He has a small social enterprise – going to meet him next week so more news to follow. 🙂

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