Presenting the business canvas model for your startup

AidanWe are pleased to welcome Aidan Ward to the enterprise club on Tuesday 30th December.  There will not be a session on 23rd December.

Tuesday 30th December 12.45-2.30 – Introducing the business canvas modelA participatory session.  We plan to continue working on this model throughout 2015 and this will be an excellent introduction.

Arrive from 12.15 for bring and share food table!food to share

Here’s what Aidan says:

For a business to work, a number of related things need to happen together. No point having the perfect offer that not enough people know about. No point having lots of demand if the product doesn’t quite work for the customers. No point in doing lots of business if the costs aren’t covered. The business canvas lays out these things simply so that they can be seen as a whole.

Here’s a bit about Aidan, as well as being a Sophia Hubs director:

Aidan is an organisational systems consultant and has studied the systemic operation of a wide variety of organisations over the last 20 years. He worked on large scale software architectures and their interaction with socio-technical systems and change programmes.

He developed a business based on a set of advanced risk management techniques that helped senior managers understand the systemic impact of strategic risks and the converse strategic vulnerability of organisational systems.  Aidan has worked at board level with private, public and third sector organisations including Tesco and BT.

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