Thanks Nicki for your business support this week

Nicky DasThanks so much to Nicki Das for popping over in her lunch hour to share her business experience at the enterprise club on 16th December.

Sathguru Plumbing Supplies has been running for nearly 4 years.  Unusually Nicki and husband got the idea for the shop in a dream from their guru.  She had lots of tips to share as well as the importance of running your business in line with your values and your religion.

What helped you in the first few months?

  • We knew the people that were selling the premises and they were willing to waive the first 2 months rent!
  • We couldn’t afford much stock – only 10%! – but we relied on next day deliveries
  • We knew very little about plumbing and so asked the help of local plumbing shops.  One shop shared ALL their contacts and suppliers.
  • We built up good customer relationships with tea on the go all day and time to chat.

Bearing in mind you are now well established – what is important?

  • Collaboration, networking and making contacts (including with other plumbing shops) is far more important than thinking of other businesses as competition.
  • People buy from people so always keep up customer service – be polite, friendly, welcoming, patient, even if you don’t feel like it.
  • Keeping our strong faith and running the business according to the guidance we get.

Thanks to Nicki for giving so much personal advice to the start-ups afterwards and being late back for lunch.

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