Green enterprise in Redbridge – an expansion

first delivery of paintHad a good meeting with Recycles Ilford today (12.12.14) at its temporary depot at the Salavation Army HQ. The bike recycling scheme has now expanded to paint recycling enterprise. 500 litres of unused, reclaimed paint has been delivered by Forest Recycling Project and funded by the London Community Foundation.

We have 500 litres of paint in stock – including gloss, satin, eggshell and emulsion in popular colours as well as more specialised paints such as waterproofing paint, shed/fence stain, flooring paint and textured masonry paint.  We can also order in more esoteric colours and paints with a weeks notice from the Forest Recycling Projects main warehouse.(Keith Young)

Sophia Hubs is keen to support and develop green enterprises in the borough. Our enterprise club speaker this week was permaculture trainer Rakesh Rootsman Rak from Eco Logical Designs and he encouraged start-ups to make sure that their resources used were as local as possible to make businesses more sustainable in the long run and deeply rooted in the community.  Rakesh is very involved in in the green movement locally and internationally.

At our recent Sophia ACE course (Active Citizens and Entrepreneurs) one participant Jitendra Mavana shared an idea about a Green Technology hub where people could learn and experiment with technology, find out how to repair electrical and other goods and learn how to re-use and extend the life of batteries. He also thought it would be easy and cheap to help residents make keith aidan jitendra wtih paint and bikescheap solar panels.  This is something that Jitendra has experience in.

Jitendra has already met with Rakesh, discussed the idea at an Ilford Transition Town meeting and visited Keith of Ilford Recycles (see photo) who would be very interested in including this new project idea when new premises are found.

In the meantime, residents who want to support the green economy and have very cheap supplies of paint, please contact Recycles Ilford or just drop in. 07948 060 473. Community groups and schools can still get FREE paint while funding lasts. You can contact Recycles Ilford or the Forest Recycling Project direct.

We would like to be put in touch with other green enterprises in the borough, or people with ideas, if you can help. In the meantime don’t forget about the Redbridge organic weekly veg bags and Organic Ilford.

Here’s to a expanding Redbridge green economy!

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