Great projects planned from latest Sophia ACE Course

2nd session group 6Thanks to Dee Datta, Amita Sharma, Adrian McCleud, Diane Wynn Fitzgerald, Jitendra Mavana, Peter Musgrave, Theo Samuel, Bill Gallagher and David Lane for an inspiring Sophia Course in November/December 2014.

The inspiration that everyone felt was partly just having the opportunity to meet, talk and work with people with a similar passion for community issues.  It was also the exciting journey of sharing and creating ideas and then making them SMART so that the time together will be leading to practical and bite-sized next steps.

Many of the project/business ideas connected with each other and the group have agreed to SMART goalsstay in touch and support the ideas.  One example of a great new idea was Jitendra’s interest in a Green Technology hub where people could learn and experiment with technology, find out how to repair electrical and other goods, learn how to re-use and extend the life of batteries plus also make cheap solar panels.  This tied in with Peter’s wish to be involved in helping to raise awareness in Redbridge on climate change. And Amita’s to have a friendly community space… And this has already been followed up by a meeting with another local green enterprise.

Various agreements/next steps were made.  Diane is going to register her charity as a CIO so that it can develop a trading arm to make it more resilient and less dependent on funding.  Theo is going to contact Odun Odundipe (local recycled crafts expert) about starting a handicraft group that uses all the reclaimed materials that she has saved over the years, to raise money…  Adrian of Ubuntu arts and Andrzej (who attended the last course) will meet with me to work out how Sophia Hubs can support Ubuntu Arts to develop entrepreneurial skills and explore becoming a CIC.

Other meetings are planned and the group has requested a follow-up session in a month’s time to evaluate progress and meet with other Sophia Course graduates.

It’s been great meeting everyone and sharing ideas.  What comes up for me is that we are all community minded, and a lot of the ideas do cross over, and this could work in our favour in developing our ideas.  Between us we have got a lot of contacts to share.  We don’t need to  rush , I know we should not take too long, but don’t lets feel pressured into rushing as this could stop us taking things forward to another level.  Adrian McCleod, Ubuntu Artstechnology hub final flipubuntu arts final flipclimate change final flip

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