Nicky of Sathguru plumbing shop is inspiring business speaker this week

Nicky DasDelighted to welcome Nicky Das as speaker for the next enterprise club;

Tuesday 16th December 12.45 at St John’s Church, just a few meter’s away from Nicky’s plumbing supplies shop.

Nicky and her husband set up the shop 4 years ago.  They both describe themselves as very community orientated and also very religious (they follow a guru) and running this shop in line with their values is very important to them.

So… cups of tea always on offerClosed on Sundays (unusual for a plumbing supplies shop) because they are opposite a church, out of respect.  Very careful about confidentiality and not getting involved in tittle tattle with customers who may have comments and complaints about each other.

Nicky’s role is mainly administrative and behind the scenes stuff but she knows about all aspects of the business, including buying and selling, stock control, customer relations, cash flow, marketing, networking and the importance of passion and belief in your business.

She is interesting in the idea of a community network for start-ups and willing to share anything you want to know about running a business locally!

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