Rakesh to speak on future proofing your business at enterprise club this Tuesday

Pleased to announce…

Rakesh2The speaker at the enterprise club on Tuesday 9th December is Rakesh Rootsman Rak of Ecological Designs .  Rakesh has lived in Goodmayes since the age of 1 and has been working for himself since the age of 14.  He’s been a computer consultant for 10 years, run  a shop, has been a professional DJ.  He is a homeopathic practitioner, yoga teacher and more.

As usual 12.45 prompt start.  Go when you need to but networking continues until 2.30.

Ecological Designs is a collaborative of sole traders.  Their expertise is in setting up and supporting organisations from small (like the new Seven Kings food coop) to large (whole eco villages) that are sustainable, resilient and work in harmony/benefit local communities and the environment.  The group works internationally.

Rakesh is a skilled facilitator and will run an interactive session on future proofing your business.  We will explore:

  • How to mitigate for an ever changing world (fashions, legal, environment, economic etc)
  • Resilience – what happens if… (illness, supply lines dry up, business falls out of fashion etc)
  • Solutions (networks, diversifying, customers as collaborators, local supply lines)

What’s in it for Rakesh?  He is keen to build his local connections and support initiatives on his home patch as he works abroad a lot.

Looking forward to it!  Some of you met Rakesh at the Timebank skills swap yesterday.


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