Ilmi Aesthetics start-up – massage chairs for sale.

ilmi logo perhapsGuest blog – Ilmi Aesthetics, Rashida Choudhery

Here is some information about my start-up business.  I am attending the enterprise club regularly and Rishi (Kukus Nest) suggested this week that I sell some stock that I do not need due to a change of direction.  I won’t necessarily recoup all my costs, but it is a good idea to clear the space and recoup what I can!

The Ilmi Aesthetics clinic provides a number of non-surgical cosmetic / aesthetic services. Although operational, it now seeks a high street location.

We are qualified clinical aesthetic practitioners specialising in non-surgical treatments to enhance your natural beauty.  All the treatments offered are carried out by our professionally qualified staff overseen by me as Clinical Aesthetics Director.  My background is as in nursing and as a nurse manager.  I ran a session on skin care at the Timebank at the skills swap event Rashida sessionthis week.

Some treatments we offer:  anti-ageing, skin peel, treatments for chronic migraine, eyelash growth, non surgical enhancement, fat-dissolving injections, mini face lifts, laser hair removal, laser hair regrowth, macrodremabrasion.

Prior to the ilmi-aesthetics, the company was involved in the provision of luxury massage chairs. These chairs are now available to sell at a fraction of the market value price.

The chairs can be used for a number of reasons from ache relief, chronic back pain, black and silver kneading and slappingrecovering from fatigue or even simply relaxing. Each chair has a sleek, unique design and many different types of functionalities allowing the most comfortable massage yet.

Pain accounts for 80% of clinician visits and usually arises from musculoskeletal complaints like back and joint pain. Massage is shiatsuknown to have many health and social benefits, such as the enhancement of immunity by stimulating lymph flow (the body’s natural defense system). Massage can help the body recover from strenuous work, improves skin, circulation, concentration and increases joint flexibility. It also promotes tissue regeneration, while reduces spasms and cramping. All this can be achieved in the comfort of your own home.shiatsu 2

There are a number of massage chairs available plus a coin operated machine.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Rashida Choudhery: 07887403369

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