Kukus Nest manager gives one to one support

Rishi and LynetteThanks to Rishi Sharma owner of the Kuku’s Nest venue in Goodmayes for leading an inspiring and practical session.  He also runs an alternative therapy centre with his Mum that has been temporarily shut down due to a family death but due to be reopened in the New Year,

Rishi and SaraSome tips from Rishi:kuku logo

Make honesty and integrity key aspects of your business. In the family health clinic, they do not want to see clients a second time.  They want people to be well.

Rishi and MaggieDo what you love and love what you are doing. “You get sick because you do not lead your authentic life”.

There are no competitors – always collaborate.  Pass on work to your competitors when you cant fit it in.  The best place to open a chicken shop is near to other chicken shops!  If another venue is Rishi clive lynette jitendraopening in Goodmayes  he thinks “good, Goodmayes is becoming a good place for a night out!”

Rishi gave lots of one-to-one support and as usual there was plenty of peer support.

Rishi whole groupTrading start-ups today:  Maggie (Wellspring Therapies), Rashida (Ilmi Aesthetics), Lynette (Homaid), Sara (Avon), Stephanie (Blue Lotus/stamped graphics)

Start-ups not yet trading:  Jitendra, Bill, Yvonne


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