This week’s lively enterprise club and lots of trading taking place

ThanElsworth jitendra yvonne 24.11.14ks to Linda Pearson of Massage Gurus for leading a lively session this week.  She shared linda pearsonthe twists and turns she had made in setting up a business that fitted in with her family life.

Linda has used the legislation that employers have a responsibility to address their employees stress to negotiate 15 minute massage sessions in 5 schools in the borough, plus a college in Newham. Some schools have even bought the equipment to save her taking it around with her!   A  number one priority is to keep good ent club linda pearson 24.11.14relations with the institutions and staff as ultimately she is relying on the goodwill of members of staff to set up and book in her appointments and to give some space to work in.

We talked about volunteering as a route to keep up the profile and experience as well as wanting to do it for one’s own enjoyment.  Linda volunteers for cancer patients at Whipps Cross and this means a lot to her. Through it she has also found paid work from the carers.  Olive (Hamiland Ltd) shared that she had led a strategic planning day this week which was in a voluntary capacity but it was an opportunity for her to test out her methods in a safe environment with great feedback.

It was great to note that nearly everyone is trading now!  Lynette had her first stall last week at the Seven Kings Winter Fayre.  Marie is overloaded with artwork contracts, Stephanie has 2 new clients, Yvonne is busily preparing items she knows will sell for a craft fair, other contracts look hopeful…

We also had feedback from Rashida that on hearing Wilson’s Chowdhry‘s advice last week about using the professional associations, Rashida found that all the policies she needs are available to  her and she does not have to spend the time she had put aside to write them herself!  Thanks for that Wilson!

Thanks to Elsworth for the fantastic home made patties and Lynette for the home made houmous.

Start-ups/small businesses that attended this week: Lina, Stephanie, Marie, Lynette, Rashida, Olive, Elsworth, Yvonne, Odun and Jitendra.

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