Join your professional association Wilson advises start-ups

Wilson and jitendra ent clubThanks to Wilson Chowdhry of AA Security for speaking at this weeks enterprise club. Wilson started his security company at the age of 19 when he heard that there was a shortfall in security and he and his fellow students were looking for ways to earn.

Wilson had lots of advice and was able to pass on his wide local community knowledge, including potential premises. He drew attention to the need to know about British standards and regulations in your field, keeping up your training and knowing/connecting with those working in the same field. He suggested that joining a professional body is essential to a business.

Another tip was to get to know your local press reporters personally. Keep them posted. Ring them up. They are interested in business. The current Ilford Recorder link for businesses is Sebastian Mann. Let him know who you are! 0208 478 4444.

Wilson is chairing the East Ilford Betterment Partnership and it is running a Christmas ent club rashida and bill 18.11.14market in Ilford Town Centre on 23 and 24th December. He is offering special rates to start-ups connected with Sophia Hubs. Please do ask for more info.  He also wears another hat as a board member of  British Pakistani Christians.

Thanks again Wilson. It is so helpful for people in business to share their experience.

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