Timebank skills swap BUZZ Friday 5 December

Invite to our first….

Timebank Skills Swap buzz – community sharing your skills in a currency of hours not £1sTimebank logo low res

Friday 5th December  at 10.30-1 at Flirt cafe in Ley Street Ilford.

The two upstairs rooms will have yoga and maybe a laughter workshop plus some alternative therapy treatments (you will be ‘spending’ 1 hour of your time and they will be earning).

Downstairs you will buy a coffee/tea and sit with someone who can help you with:

Facebook… mobile phone apps… build a free-wordpress-website-in-an-hour… crotchet…French conversation… planning skills… life coaching… AND LOADS MORE.

Please let us know what you can give and what you want.  We are aiming for a buzzing cafe with loads of learning and community spirit!!

E sevenkingstimebank@sophiahubs.com  07707 460309 / 020 8590 2568

More information to follow

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