Flirt cafe strides forward with updated menu and a website

Flirt ludmila with cakes smallThanks so much to Ludmila Adamiak for leading our enterprise club this week.  Hot off the press, the cafe now has a website:  Do take a look.

This session was very informal and Ludmila was very open about the ups and downs.  There was the usual general sharing of knowledge within the groupflirt savoury buffet small that adds to the value of the club.

It was useful to hear that whatever plans you put in place for a business, you have to be willing to adapt and change.  And to just take those set-ups as experience and just move forwards!  Flirt cafe has realised that it cannot solely rely on local customers coming in and has been targeting Polish and Ukrainian community as a party venue.  It is also going to do a posh English breakfast, having recently chosen the sausage.

Start-ups shared the sorts of phone calls they have received since registering their business from companies trying to get money and contracts through preying on the inexperience of a newly registered company. Ludmila lost £300 this way.

  • flirt fizzy drink smallIt was agreed that even though some callers sounded as though they were from HMRC or Council you must be on your guard and not give information or money without double checking.
  • Lina Birmante shared how she had been caught in a 6 month notice clause when she realised that she could not afford the office for her care agency.  So check your contracts very, very carefully.  It was agreed that paying for help can save time and money in the long run.

It was also nice to hear an update from Olive (Hamiland Limited) that she now has her business cards and flyers.  And Lynette (Homaid) is ready to do her first chutney and Caribbean sauces stall at the Seven Kings winter fayre.  Looking forward to seeing the final label design!



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