Community groups and charities intro to ECHO Timebank 20.11.14

For a great workshop to see how Redbridge charities and community groups can trade services and skills without money,  I recommend this workshop in Newham which I attended last year….

ECHO logoMore than 500 organisations across East London are now using Echo to save money, increase capacity, build their profile and win commercial work.

Whether you’re already part of Echo, or new to the network, you’re invited to join us for a workshop & lunch on Wednesday 20th November.

  • Identify the skills and resources you could trade through Echo
  • Explore new ways to make Echo work for your organisation
  • Discover how to package and market what your organisation can offer
  • Meet other members of the Echo network
10.30am: Arrivals, tea and coffee
11.00am – 12.30pm – presentation and workshops
12.30pm – lunch and networking
More about Echo:
Echo is a network of people and organisations across East London, who trade the resources they have for those they need, using our currency – the Echo. The exchange rate is simple – 1 Echo = 1 hour. Find out more and join the network at

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