Ludmila from Flirt cafe is enterprise club speaker

flirt cafeThanks to Ludmila Adamiak for being willing to share her journey in setting up a Polish/Ukranian cafe/restaurant in Ley Street, Ilford in May this year.  As with many of our speakers, she does not feel expert enough to speak at our lunchtime enterprise club but has been persuaded that she most certainly is!

After our month away at the Ilford Exchange and our review session last week, we are now fully operational on Tuesdays 12.45 – 2.30 at St John’s Church.  I’ll bring some home made cake!

Ludmila runs the cafe/restaurant with her husband Dariusz.  The customer feedback is great and they are getting bookings for parties/events and groups using their beautiful upstairs meeting space but it is still very hard graft.  

” I thought that once we opened everything would be easy and nice!!  It has been hard but a good thing is that everyone loves the food and I am learning a lesson every single day.” Ludmila Adamiak

Sophia 1 Flirt cafe annemarieOne of the things we will explore is how to get other start-ups using the space to help build up their business and to increase the footfall and promotion for Flirt.

We held one of our Sophia Courses in the upstairs room and a Timebank meeting downstairs in the cafe. It is a very lovely meeting space and atmosphere.


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