Ilford Exchange Saturday Pop Up – feedback

general saturday shotThanks to Ilford Exchange for the opportunity to use the empty shop on the top floor for a market and as a meeting space for the launch of an environmental group.  The Enterprise Exchange had a spare day and we did not want to waste the opportunity.

Seven traders came for the afternoon and the Redbridge Transition Town held their launch meeting with speakers Mehul and busy TT group shotRakesh talking about local food growing,  food coops, foraging for wild food in Redbridge, and all about the Brixton Pound – a local London currency.

Thanks to Kim Judge of start-up Conscious Cosmos for helping to set out the space.  Thanks to Donna Mizzi of the Wanstead Art Trail and Flamigo Fairs for helping to bring alonpost itsg some artists.

‘What do you think about using empty shops spaces as pop-ups for traders?’

Here were the responses: it’s nice to have pop up shops in the Centre to see local business... it was a pleasure to see arts & crafts from local people.  I would like to see more (xmas?)… Good idea, but not promoted enough.  I wasn’t sure it was going on.  More clarity!… Good idea, encourages people to be creative… Gives people an easier way to get advice if they have no time… Great for new independent businesses to market themselves as well as making use of vacant shops… They’re a great way of getting small Pam Marley stallbusiness to promote their products… Great use of free space, enlarges community… Good place to explore your ideas… Great idea. Put empty shops to good use and inspire creativity… A great idea. Do it againMore advertising needed.  But great for the younger generation (Mrs Green)… We need more of these!… I want to do the next one – HolaBebe Boutiques… I think it is good idea for people to do something new... Anything that supports local traders MUST be a postive step. Best of Luck.




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