BigBusiness skills swap on Tuesday morning at the Enterprise Exchange!

So what is the programme for Tuesday morning at the Enterprise Exchange?  Who’s there to help businesses?

You!!  Tuesday morning is Skills Swap morning.

Sophia Hubs is confident that the skills and resources needed to support and develop start-ups and business is here already.  That’s partly the idea of the Seven Kings Timebank we have set up – giving and taking an hour of each others skills.  (We see this as complementary to real money trading)

From 10.30 – 12 we are confident that you can have one-to-one support and help on social media (Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, websites, blogs), marketing, business planning, finance management, policies, HR….

PLEASE COME ALONG AND SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE!!!!!  And we hope to recruit you all to the Timebank so that you can continue to share skills and increase your business networks (for your future clients).

Please note:  The Seven Kings Timebank is a ‘person to person’ TB but we are enabling start-ups and businesses to trade with individuals.  The ‘business to business’ TB being launched at the Enterprise Exchange on Wednesday 29th at 5.30 is a different but complementary very exciting resource for Redbridge. Both are ECHO Timebanks.

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