Conflict resolution workshop for business at Enterprise Exchange on Tuesday 24 Oct

conflict-resolutionWe are very pleased to announce a conflict resolution workshop to take place at the Enterprise Exchange on Tuesday 21st October.  It starts promptly at 12.30 and ends at 2.30.  It is only an introduction a couple of vital conflict resolution skills will be shared in a participatory way.  This is a Timebank activity – more information below.

This session is being led by experienced conflict resolution practitioner and trainer Ruth Musgrave, who lives in Ilford.  Ruth was, among other things, Director of Conflict and Change in Newham for 10 years.

We are running this event as a Timebank activity.  Ruth is donating 2 hours to facilitate the session plus 4 hours preparation and will then be able to spend 6 hours to take advantage of the skills of other community members.  She may find someone to mend her kitchen cupboard doors,  show her how Facebook works, give her some French conversation practise…. that’s up to her.   We are building up this wonderful database of real, live talents and skills for sharing in Redbridge.  Look at the Seven Kings Timebank website.

Usually everyone needs to have signed up beforehand but we are going to try to get all of those that participate to sign up!  That would be a really great outcome.  If we don’t manage it this time, it will give people an idea of the skills we have in the area that can be shared to help start-ups and build community connections.

We are hoping to set up a 8 session conflict resolution course run by Ruth and another experienced mediator.  This will be free and open to all Timebank members, whether or not you are a start-up or business.

conflict resolution 2

We run a weekly enterprise club for people starting up businesses on Tuesdays at this time in Seven Kings but have relocated to Ilford during October.  We have a weekly speaker, a local person with expertise to share, and give plenty of time for networking and peer support.

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