Free re-used paint for Redbridge!

Just as a reminder, the London Borough of Redbridge is funding a big paint giveaway!

Sophia Hubs is involved because we are helping to support a new green enterprise in the borough to be a distributor for paint and other reclaimed materials collected from the Chigwell Road recycling centre.

Eligible: Community groups,  artists,  schools, faith buildings, even private residents!

Parkside Community Association and the Redbridge Citizens Advice Bureau have taken advantage but there’s a lot left.

Contact Nilesh at the Forest Recycling Project.  020 8539 9076  Or you could contact us.  The flyer is here

paint at parkside med fileHere’s the large paint order recently delivered to the Parkside Community Association, but you can just take a couple of cans too.

One thought on “Free re-used paint for Redbridge!

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