Volunteers – we couldn’t do it without you!

We have just reached a major milestone of our first anniversary.  What a good time to celebrate and acknowledge the volunteers that are supporting Seven Kings Sophia Hub in so many ways.

The core volunteer team are now putting in at least 80 hours a month and including the volunteering of the Directors, the steering group and the enterprise club speakers it is at least 110!

anniversary whole group bestThanks so much to the following people that enabled us to share a full and exciting year at the first anniversary event on 30.9.14

Directors: Jonathan Evens, Aidan Ward, Clive Sheldon, Rosy Fairhurst, Faaria Ahmed, Francis Davis,

Steering committee: Dee Datta (Chair), Nnenna Anyanwu, Kunle Olaifa, Diane Wynne Fitzgerald, Davina Bolt, Ola Asgill

Core volunteer team: Jenny Coverdale,  Stephanie Mugo, Elaine Freedman, Lynette St Cyr Caeser, Jonathan Shipman

Other support:  Jim Jarvie,  Melinda Torok Szabo, Faisal Shaukat

And the long list of enterprise club speakers.




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