Bollywood start-up and UEL business strategy lecturer is our speaker this week

D-style logoAngelique Parvez from Seven Kings set up D-Style Fitness start-up 2 years ago with a partner.  They have created their own product and niche – dance fitness classes – and have some contracts with Vision, some major gyms and run classes locally. They also specialise in Bollywood dancing with ordinary people and have beaten a range of professional dance clubs to perform at the Diwali Trafalgar Square event on 12 October. 🙂

Angelique also works as a lecturer at UEL and Amity Business School on business strategy and is happy to share some tips on strategy although we will book her in another time for this.

So what will Angelique be talking about at the enterprise club?  She would like to share her learning in creating a niche/marketing/creating relationships, working with a partner, and also in the decisions she has made about the size at the business at the moment to fit in with her family life.  The business has the potential to expand and develop but she and her partner made the decision has been to scale back this year and just keep things ticking over for a while as they are.

For Angelique dance fitness is a passion and she sees this as an important contribution to community life.   She is hoping to recruit some more clients through the enterprise club.  Please do ‘like’ the Facebook page which is regularly updated with health and fitness information.



Lot of work, lot of marketing, loyalty, business skills put in there. Good fort ehsy I builwant..

coulb be built up if I have built up staff


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