Keep a beginners mind says design start-up Atacan Mercan

Thanatacanks to Atacan for an inspiring presentation this week followed by the usual lively and productive networking. The networking meeting was attended by 7 start ups and Kim Judge of the Seven Kings Traders.

Atacan Mercan has recently moved to Ilford and is keen to set up a creative collective of people interested in good design.  He held on to his dream of working for himself for many years and finally set up the General Design Project in February, since when he has been inundated with work.

Atacan’s philosophy is to keep a beginners mind, always try to see things freshly.  Find out what helps you to get in this space – for him it is coffee and cake in a cafe.  When business work is heavy with tight deadlines that mean you need to work all night, take a break by doing something different.  If you’ve been on the laptop too long, wash the dishes or do something practical and vice versa.

Another tip, in common with every speaker we have had, is that a business is all about building relationships.  He tries to collaborate as much as possible with people from different disciplines,atacan afterwards networking and is particularly keen to collaborate upwards, with people that know more than him!

The start-ups had an opportunity to find out about each others work and yet again more meetings were booked between themselves and potential deals made.


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