Atakan Mercer, successful design start-up is speaker at enterprise club

We are delighted to welcome Atakan Mercer of the General Design Project to the enterprise club on Tuesday.  It’s a the slightly new time of 12.45 to 2.30.

Atakan has just moved to Ilford from North London and already he’s getting involved!  He set up his company in February and is overloaded with work already.  He has a website but not a lot of time to work on it:

Atakan works on open source projects in partnership with users.  Design is a deep values thing for him and its impact on life and wellbeing and he plans to never end his involvement in any of his projects,  He wants to set up a local academy of designers and users to collaborate with art, philosophy, psychology, politics, science and more!

So…. what is he going to talk about?  We are still working on this but it’s likely to involve the value of collaboration, as well as continual learning.  This will be updated when we decide!


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