Introduction to Twitter training free on the Timebank – Thurs 28 Aug 2-3

We are delighted to be offering our 2nd training session run by a Timebank member.

Rev Jonathan Evens will lead an hour on an introduction to Twitter.

Thursday 28th August, 2pm – 3pm, at St John’s Church.

Bring your laptop or tablet or smart phone if you have one (and if you know how it works) – we have wifi.  Alternatively you can use/share one of our laptops or just listen in.

Jonathan is donating his time and so will earn our Timebank currency of 2 hours (1 for prep, 1 for the session).  Those that attend will donate their Timebank currency (1 hour each).  The ‘money’ we make will be used for things like ‘paying’ to the volunteers for their time in running the Timebank, ‘paying’ other venues to run future sessions, ‘paying’ a member to design a Timebank flyer etc.timebank website photo

Please note – all the transactions need to take place through the Timebank and you need to be a Timebank member.  It’s easy.  Click on the Timebank website on the blue square on the right.

If you are not a member we can help you join up beforehand or if you come at 1pm we can register you before the session – but please let us know you are coming  You will need an email account.  We can help you with this if you don’t have one.  Please contact us.

Timebank members – please click on the offer and send us an email to say you want to come. The offer has been posted on the website.

The Seven Kings Timebank team (7KTB) on or Ros on 07707 460309 or 0208 590 2568

We are very excited by this.  We are looking for other topics (how to use your smartphone?, introduction to Linked In?) and other venues.  We can pay other venues in Timebank hours if you register.

Timebank logo low res

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