Facebook training event big success and makes the Timebank some ‘hours money’

Timebank logo low resphotoThanks so much to Timebank member Stephanie Mugo for giving 2 hours of her time (1 to prepare) to lead a session on ‘an introduction to Facebook‘ this week.

Timebank members who attended and ‘spent’ their ‘1 hour currency’ were:

Jenny, Lynette, Roland, Rashida, & Theo, plus Laurence and Tracy who are going through the registration process and will be members photo 5soon.   Nima and Jyotsna turned up late as they got the wrong time but had a great time at the end meeting and chatting with people they had not met before.

That means for our first event, the Timebank has earned 7 hours and will pay 2 hours to Stephanie, so we have 5 hours to spend!

We are learning as we go along with this, but what stands out is that 1. people like the opportunity of learning from ordinary community members and 2. people like a forum in which to meet neighbours from different backgrounds and circles and 3. start-ups and photo 3business deals also take place too – this week Tracy the hairdresser got 2 clients because they had met and socialised.

photo 1

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